Welcome To Substantial Success

Hello and welcome to Substantial Success. My name is Lee Mack and I'm the owner of Substantial Success.

I just wanted to do a quick first post to let you know more about what Substantial Success is all about. As the name suggests its all about Success. More importantly helping and teaching people how to be a Success.

But what is Success?

To me and most people Success means having health and wealth and on this website that is what I will be teaching. 

But who am I and why should you listen to me?

Firstly I've been involved in online business for over 15 years now and over that time I've had success and failure and I've been around enough to know what works and what doesn't when it comes to online business.

The reason I say online business is because most businesses are all online today so I will mainly be teaching and talking about online businesses. Of course you can have Success with offline business and I might even touch on that personally I have experience with online business.

I will also keep you away from all the Scams online and warn you about them on this blog. I will also tell you whats working 🙂

So subscribe, join my email list to get notified about my posts and videos.

I'm looking forward to teaching you over the years.

All the best

Lee Mack